Horae: A Musical Book of Hours

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We are in the midst of creating a Horae: A Musical Book of Hours DVD - cost $25. If you'd like to experience the concert again or missed the concert - order a DVD. Order by mailing a $25 check with the note "Horae DVD" to:

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You could also order online by clicking on the Support Page and insert a "Horae DVD" note with your $25 payment. Be sure to include your mailing address. DVD's will be produced and mailed to you by early May.

Watch a few DVD clips below:

Adorna Thalamum from In Mulieribus on Vimeo.

Magi Videntes from In Mulieribus on Vimeo.

Verbum Novum from In Mulieribus on Vimeo.

Concert Materials

Press Clip

In Mulieribus Horae press clip from Sumi Wu on Vimeo.

Concert Review - Oregon Artswatch

In "Horae: A Musical Book of Hours," programmed brilliantly by IM artistic director Dr. Anna Song, the eight women, in solos, quartets and full ensemble, sang the audience through the eight sanctifying "hours" of Catholic spiritual practice. These women have as many formations as the Dallas Cowboys, and make use of each different lineup with satisfying results.

Read Bruce Browne's full concert review in Oregon Artswatch.


  • "Saturday night's In Mulieribus concert "Horae: A Musical Book of Hours" was an auditory and musical feast. The concert was inspired by the devotional prayer books of hours in Mt. Angel Abbey's collection, and Sumi Wu created a rich video journey through the pages of prayer books showing birds, flowers, farm animals, saints, and peasants alongside many illustrations of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus. The video was timed to parallel the sung prayers corresponding to the hours of the day, or the Horae as sung between the 13th and 16th centuries. The voices of In Mulieribus under the artistic director of Anna Song were so beautiful and the images so fascinating that my attention was entirely focused on this meditative experience so that my thoughts never drifted elsewhere. What an exquisite artistic presentation!" -- Ronni LaCroute, Concert Supporter

  • "Ideal blend, plus heavenly solo singing by Arwen and Catherine. Appreciated the darkness, candlelight and visuals." -- Mark Mandel, Music Critic

  • "Our days are filled with hours, of course! But when In Mulieribus sing of the hours, they sing of something far beyond the mundane, far above the visible, far surpassing that which we ordinarily touch, see, hear, feel. They sing the Horae--the Hours--in a way that releases us from time and allows us a glimpse into eternity. No small feat, that." -- Diane Hunt, In Mulieribus Supporter

  • "The performance this evening was MAGNIFICENT! I was impressed by the reception of the audience as the music and graphics were intertwined so skillfully. The manuscripts and the special effects harmonized perfectly with the beautiful voices. The imagination of those who designed all of this is truly commendable." -- Prior Vincent Trujillo, OSB, Mount Angel Abbey

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